Wadiyar Dynasty/Wadiyar State

Naigaon Rebai State

Naigawan Rebai State history of yadavs
Naigaon Rebai Haveli

Naigawan Rebai Mahal


Naigawan Rebai State Mahal

Thakur Lakshman Singh Judev

Thakur Lakshman Singh Yadav

Thakurain Dulaiya Bai

Thakurani Dulaiya Bai

Naigawan Rebai State Stamps

Naigawan Rebai State Stamp

Revari State

Revari Raj

Rewari Mahal

Revari Raj
Rewari Haveli

Narajole Raj

Narajole Rajbari


According To Binoy Ghosh Narajole’s Ruling Clan Belonging To The Sadgop Community, Was Founded By Uday Narayan Ghosh,His Great Grandson, Raja Kartickram,Was Honoured With Title Roy Ny The Mughal Emperor. The Family Used The Title Till In The Eight Generation When Raja Balwant Singh was Honoured With The Khan Title For Some Praise Worthy Achievement Thereafter They Used That Title

Raja Ajit Singh The Last King Of Midnapore Raj With Its Headqaurters At Karnagarh Died Childless In 1749 They Were Close To The Rulers Of Narajole His Two Queens Who Inherited The Midnapore Zamindari Ran Into Great Diffculties During The Chaur Rebellion And Sought The Support Of Raja Trilochan Khan’s Death The Responsibillity Of Looking After The Midnapore Zamindari And Rani Shiromani Of Karnagarh The Other Queen Had Died By Then Fell Successively On Raja Motiram And Raja Sitaram. Rani Shiromani Loved Sitaram’s Eldest Son,Anandlal,As Her Own Son And Handed Over The Entire Midnapore Zamindari To Him In 1800, Unfortunately Anandalal Died Childless And The Owners- Nandalal Khan Of Midnapore Rajbari

Narendra Lal Khan Narajole Raj
Raja Narendra Lal Khan Of Narajole
Raja Debendra Lal Khan Narajole Raj
Raja Debendra Lal Khan Of Narajole
Narajole Rajbari. Getway
Narajole Rajbari Getway
Jalahari-or-the-island-palace-of-Narajole History Of Yadavs
Jalahari Narajole Rajbari
Main Rajbari Of Narajole Family

Narajole Rajbari With 250 Rooms

Narajole Rajbari With 250 Rooms
Hawa Mahal
Durga Dalan Inside Narajole Rajbari

Rasmancha With 25 Pinnacles

-Navaratna_Govinda_Jiu_temple_inside_Narajole_Rajbari_under_Paschim_Medinipur_district_of_West_Bengal_05 (1)
Govind Jiu Temple
Navaratna_Govinda_Jiu_temple_inside_Narajole_Rajbari_under_Paschim_Medinipur_district_of_West_Bengal_03 (1)
Govind Jiu Temple Inside Narajole Rajbari
Hawa_mahal_of_Narajole_Rajbari_at_West_Midnapore_district_in_West_Bengal_04 (1)
Hawa Mahal

Midnapore Raj

Kalikapur Raj

kalikapur Rajbari

The Kalikapur Raj Was A Zamindari Estate Of Sadgop Yadavs During Colonial Era In Burdwan District Of West Bengal. Centre Of The Estate was Kalikapur Which Is Small Village Surrounded By Dense Forest.


Sri Paramanando Roy was The Chieftain Of His Place at That Time He Had 18 Sources To Collect Tax  And also He Had A Huge area Of The Forest As A Sources Of Income.

He Had Seven Children And Use To Live At Moukhira Previously.

 Paramanand Roy Had Some Kind Of Dreams While Sleeping That Is To Build A Mandir And To  Establish a Radha Ballav There By Doing This He Will Achieve Immortality Due To Many Reasons The Mandir Was Built But God Was Not Established So This Is How  They Were Shifted To Kalikapur From Moukhira.

Kalikapur Durgabari Bardhwan

Kalikapur Zamindari House At Maukhira


Durgadalan Of Kalikapur Zamindari House


Kalikapur Durgabari Zamindari


Kalikapur Durgabari Bardhwan West Bengal


Kalikapur Zamindar House At Maukhira

Kalikapur Durgabari Bardhwan West Bengal


Kalikapur Durgabari Bardhwan West Bengal

Kalikapur Durgabari Bardhwan

Kalikapur Durgabari Bardhwan

Surul Raj

surul rajbari Sarkar Family


The Earliest Ancestor Of Surul’s Sarkar was Bharat Chandra Ghosh. He Along With His Wife Srimati Bimla Devi Settled In Surul After Being Advised By Their Gurudev Sri Basudev Bhattacharjee They Gave Birth To  A Son And Named Him Krishnahari Ghosh,Gradually The Family ettled Permanently In surul

Sri Krishnahari Had  Three Sons,Jadavendra,Madhavendra And Kalicharan The Descendants Of Jadavendra Sarkar And Kalicharan Were The Inmates Of Surul Borobari And The Descendants Of Madhavendra Of The Surul Chotobari.

Sri Jadavendra Ghosh Had Two Sons Brajaballv And Rajballav Ghosh Brajaballav Ghosh And Five Sons Of which His  Third Son Srinivas Sarkar Who Dropped The Ghosh Surname,Established A Distinct Name And Identity in Birbhum He Made Praiseworthy Contributions And Played A Major Role In The Well Being Of Srakar Family.

Surul Rajbari Mahal
Surul Rajbari Mahal
Surul Teracota History Of Yadavs
Surul Terracota
Surul Rajbari Mahal
Surul Rajbari Mahal Fornt
Terracotta Decoration In Surul Temple History Of yadavs
Terracotta Decoration In Surul Temple
Twin Siva Temple Surul History Of yadavs
Twin Siva Temple Of Surul Temple
Lakshmi Janardan Temple Of Surul History Of Yadavs
Lakshmi Janardan Temple Of Surul
surul rajbari Sarkar Family

Surul Raj Haveli West Bengal

surul rajbari Sarkar Family

Surul Rajbari Mahal

surul rajbari Sarkar Family

Surul Zamindar Mahal

Jalilpur Raj

Jalilpur Zamindari
jalilpur-Haveli-Jalilpur History Of Yadavs

Haveli Jalilpur

jalilpur-Ch-Kr-Jagdish-Singh-History Of Yadavs

Ch.Kr Jagdish Singh (Jalilpur)


Kr.Atulraj Singh With Attendents (Jalilpur)


Kr.Kehar Singh And Kr.Bhoop Singh (Jalilpur)


Kr Yashraj Singh,Krrani Sharda Devi Ji And Kr Atulraj Singh Jalilpur


Kunwar Atul Raj Singh (Jalilpur)


Lt Col Kr.Atul Raj Singh (Jalilpur)


Jalilpur Diwan Khana


Jalilpur Haveli


Sri V V Giri (President Of India ) Giving Best Of Breed Prize To Diamond (Great dane) jalilpur

Hadal Narayanpur Raj

Radha Damodar Temple Of Hadal Narayanpur West Bengal

Radha Damodar Temple Hadal Narayanpur

Hadal Narayanpur Under View Temple

Rasmancha Of Bara Taraf Hadal Narayanpur


Baro Taraf Hadal Narayanpur West Bengal

Nabaratna Temple Of Choto Taraf Hadal Narayanpur

Mejo Taraf Temple Of Hadal Narayanpur West Bengal History Of Yadavs

Meja Taraf Nava Ratana

Murho Estate

 The Murho Estate Was Chieftaincy And Later A Zamindari Estate Of Yadav Ahir In Erstwhile Bhagalpur District Of Bihar Now In Madhepura District.


The Nmae Of Estate Derives From A Murho Village Of Madhepura District Members Of The Murho Family Were Very Big  Landlords Of The Kosi Division.

The Murho Zamindari Estate Eas Ruled By Majhraut Clan Of Yadava It Was The One Of The Largest And Respected Zamindari Estate Of  Kosi Region Bihar.

Babu  Rashbihari Lal Mandal Was An  Ardent Freedom Fighter Philanthropist And Social Reformer According To Litterateur Dr Bhupendra Narayan Mandhepuri,Rashbihari Babu Was Scholarly In Many Languages Like Hindi ,Urdu Persian Bengal ,English,French And Sanskrit

Chairman Of Mandal Commission And Former Chief Minister Of Bihar Babu B P Mandal Was Born In Murho Raj Family He Was The Third Son Of Zamindar Bbau Rash Bihari Lal Mandal.

Rai_Bahadur_Keshav_Pd Mandal Ranipatti Estate Zamindari

Rai Bahadur Keshav Prasad Manadal


Babu Rash Bihari lal Mandal

Kamleshwari Parasad Mandal Yadav

Babu Kamleshwari Prasad Yadav

Belwargunj Estate

Babu Rai Asraf Prasad Zaminadar Of Belwarganj
Rai_Surajbali_Singh_(Yadav)History Of Yadavs Suryakuria Zamindari

Parsadi Estate