Tintanga Estate

Gop Chieftaincy Was a Principality And later A Notable  Zaminadari  Estate based From Tintanga Village Of Naugachia Bhagalpur. It Covered Lands  In Various Parts Of Bihar,Jharkhand  And even In Parts Of Bengal. The Founders Of Gop Chieftancy Belonged To Sadgop Clan Of  Yadav Community Who  Traced Their Origin From Gopal Dynasty Of Nepal Descendants Of Gop Dynasty Established A Principality In Midnapore,Ghopbhum And Bhagalpur Of Undivided Bengal (Orissa,Bihar,West Bengal) which Reduced To zamindari In British Era.

Gopa Estate



Dynasty – Yaduvanshi Gopa

1752 – 1947


  1. Established                     1752
  2. Disestablished                1947

      Today Part Of           Bihar,Republic Of India


Son Of Maheshwari Prasad Yadav ,Zamindar Of Tintanga Gop Estate



Gop Chieftaincy Was Established By Lalchandra Gop(Chulai Gop) Of Gop Dynasty They Were Vassal Chiefs Who Had autonomy Over Their State,But Were Subjugated By The Mughalas And paid To Tribute/Nazarana To The Mughal Emperor.


Maheshwari Bhawan Tintanga Village Naugachia

Relation With Mughal's

Naugachia was Under The Bengal Province when Pindaris attacked Naugachia Fulchandra Singh Gop (Futty Singh) Leaded The Army To Fight Against Pindaris. In Return Fulchandra Singh Got 5000 Acres Of Land From The Government And later His Son Santal gop Became Jagirdar Of Gopal Janpadh Of Naugachia.

Tintanga Estate Santal Gop

Santlal Gop, Zamindar Of Tintanga Gop Estate

In British India

During The Rule Of British Gop Zamindars Of Tintanga Refused To Pay Tax To The  British Government After Which British Started Seizing Their Lands And Declared Maheshwari Prasad Yadav Of Gop Zaminadari Tintanga As Traitor To British Government And Issued A warrant Against Him And His Brother Kali Prasad.


Temple Built By Zamindars Of Tintanga Estate


  1. Rai Bahadur Lalchandra Gop
  2. Rai Bahadur Fulchandra Singh Gop
  3. Rai Bahadur Santlal Singh Gop
  4. Babu Maheshwari Prasad

Rai Sahib And Rai Bahadur Title Of Zamindars Of Tintanga Which Was Later Took Off When Maheshwari Babu Revolted Against British Raj.

Post Independence

After Indian Independence From British Rule In 1947 The Government Of India Initiated Several Land Refrom Actions And The Zamindari System Was Abolished The Fortunes Of Tintanga Estate” Dwindied.

Zamindar Of Tintanga Sri Maheshwari Prasad Yadav’ After Abolishment Of Zamindari And Seizure Of Lands By Government Sent Some Of His Family Members To Jamshedpur And Established A Transport Company Named Maheshwari Prasad Brothers, And His Brother Shyamal Govind Prasad Established Gop Transport The Family Owns Several Gas Stations,Petrol Pumps And Major Automobile Centres In The City.


Maheshwari Brothers Petrol Pumps At Jamshedpur.

Son Of Zamindar Maheshwari Babu With Cm Lalu In Tintanga Village

Son Of Zamindar Maheshwari Babu With Cm Lalu In tintanga Village

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