Shivnandan Prasad Mandal

Shivanandan Prasad Mandal Was A Freedom Fighter And Politician He Was The First Law Minister Of Bihar He Played An Important Role In The Bang Bhang Movement, The Non-Cooperation Movement And The Salt Movement.

Shivanandan Prasad Mandal


Member Of The Bihar Legislative Assembly

In Office 

1952 – 1962

    Preceded By                                        New Constituency

    Succeeded By                                       Jai Kumar Singh

    Constituency                                          Murliganj

Personal Details

             Born                                    18 April,1891 Ranipatti,Saharsa District,British India

            Died                                      Madhepura,Bihar

         Nationality                                Indian

        Political Party                       Indian National Congress

Shivanandan Prasad Mandal Was Born In a Yadav Family Of Ranipatti Village In The Erstwhile Saharsa District (Now In Madhepura)

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