Narajole Raj

The Narajole Raj Was A Medieval Royal Dynasty And Later A Zamindari (Estate) During The British Period At Narajole In Paschim Medinipur District In The State Of West Bengal.

Narajole Raj

Sadgop (Yadava) Dynasty


  Capital                               Narajole

  Common Languages          Bengali,Hindi

  Government                      Monarchy

    (1400-1800) Princely Estate (1800-1947)


  • 1400-1423       Raja Uday Narayan Ghosh(First)
  • 1926-1949       Raja Amrendra  Lal Khan(Last)


  • Established                              1400
  • Acceded To India                    1949

   Currency                               Indian Rupees

Succeeded By

Dominion Of India

 Today Part Of       West Bengal,Republic Of India

Main Rajbari Of Narajole Family

Main Rajbari Of Narajole Family

The Kings Of Narajole Belonged To The Sadgop (Yadav) Community And Had A Close Link With The Rulers Of Karnagarh.


According To Binoy Ghosh, Narajole’s Ruling Clan, Belonging To The Sadgop Yadava Community, Was Founded By Uday Narayan Ghosh,His Great Grandson,Raja Kartickram, Was Honoured With The Title Roy’By The Mughal Emperor. The Family Used The Title Till In The Eighth Generation, When Raja Balwant Was Honoured With The ‘Khan’ Title For Some Praise Worthy Achievement,Thereafter,They Used That Title.

Raja Ajit Singh,The Last King Of The Midnapore Zamindari,With Its Headquarters At Karnagarh Died Childless In 1749. They Were Close To The Rulers Of Narajole.His Two Queens,Who Inherited The Midnapore Zamindari,Ran Into Great Difficulties During The Chaur  Rebellion And Sought The Support Of Raja Trilochan Khan Of Narajole. After Raja Trilochan Khan’s Death, The Responsibility Of Looking after The Midnapore Zamindari And Rani Shiromani Of Karnagarh (The Other Queen Had Died By Then) Fell Successively On Raja Motiram And Raja Sitaram.Rani Shiromani Loved Sitaram’s Eldest Son, Anadalal,As Her Own Son And Handed Over The Entire Midnapore Zamindari To Him In 1800. Unfortunately,Anadalal Died Childless And As Per His Wishes His Brothers Became The Onwers -Nandalal Khan Of Narajole Zamindari And Mohnalal Khan Of Midnapore Rajbari.

Narendra Lal Khan Narajole Raj

Raja Narendra Lal (Khan) Of Narajole

Raja Debendra Lal Khan Narajole Raj

Raja Debendra Lal (Khan) Of Narajole

The Palace

Narajole Rajbari


Narajole’s Rajbari Or Garh Narajole,Was Spread Over 500 Bighas And Divided In To The Inner And Outer Segments. The Outer Segment Housed The poorer, Amongst Whom Were Some Painter Familes,Who Had Survived The Travails Of Life And In 1970 Continued To   Produce Dolls, Painted pots and decorative wall  Plates. The Inner Segment Was An Indrapuri (The Palace Of Heaven) Consisting Of Splendid Buildings (Including The Three- Storeyed Palace) Temple, Gardens Etc. The Large Entrance gate Lead To a spacious Garden, with A Temple Of the family deity,sitaramjiu. the drawing Rooms were Filled with Selected Country Made And Foreign Showpieces And Pictures Of The Royalty. On The Way Out One Again Got To See A Mix Of Gardens, Ponds And Residential Quarters, With Some Shiva temples nearby there were many other temples on the southern side were rangmahal rasmancha and dolmancha.


Hawa Mahal


Narajole Pictures Gallery

Jalahari-or-the-island-palace-of-Narajole History Of Yadavs

Narajole Rajbari Palace

Main Rajbari Of Narajole Family

Main Narajole Rajbari


Rasmancha with 25 Pinnacles


Durga Dalan Inside Narajole Rajbari

Hawa_mahal_of_Narajole_Rajbari_at_West_Midnapore_district_in_West_Bengal_04 (1)

Hawa Mahal


Narajole Rajbari With 250 Rooms

Navaratna_Govinda_Jiu_temple_inside_Narajole_Rajbari_under_Paschim_Medinipur_district_of_West_Bengal_03 (1)

Govinda Jiu Temples Inside Narajole Rajbari

-Navaratna_Govinda_Jiu_temple_inside_Narajole_Rajbari_under_Paschim_Medinipur_district_of_West_Bengal_05 (1)

Govinda Jiu Temple

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