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The Goal Of History Of Yadavs Is To Provide Information Related To History And Civilization Culture And Heritage Of All Yaduvansh And To Protect Civilization Culture And History And To Expose All History And Heritage Related To Yaduvansh.

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Meaning Of Yadava The Descendant Of Maharaja Yadu, Yaduvanshi Who Was The First Son Of The Chakravarty King Of Chandravanshi Maharaja Yayati Established A  Monolithic Rule On The Earth From South To North And The Yaduvansh The First Dynasty Of India Is The Only Dynasty That Has Ruled Continuosly For 1200 Years.

Examples Are Mahameghvahan Dynasty,Prodyota Dynsty,Trikuta Dynasty Abhira Dynasty, Devgiri Ke Yadav Dynasty Hoysala Dynasty,Gopal Dynasty,Vijayanagara Dynasty, Maitraka Dynasty,Varman Dynasty Bengal,Narajole Dynasty Etc. Under Yaduvansh There Have Been Many Kings Maharaja And Chakravarty Kings Who Have Ruled Their Country(Nation) And Motherland. He Sacrificed Everything For The Sake Of It, Yayati,Yadu, Sashivindu,Kritviryarjun, Madhu, Krishndevray, Kharvel,Harihar and Bukka,Singhan,Alha and Udal,Shiladitya,Tularam.Etc.

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